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Professional Areas

Dret Administratiu i Ubranístic

Administrative and Urbanistic Law

Administrative appeals, proceedings before the contentious-administrative courts, comprehensive advice on urban planning matters, agreements with the public administration, etc.

Dret Civil i de Família

Civil and Family Law

Contracts, reports, preventive advice, negotiations, claims for sums, indemnity for damages, contractual and extra-contractual liability actions, mutual consent and contested divorces and separations, claims in relation to pensions, disabilities, successions, proceedings of all types before the civil courts, arbitral proceedings.

Dret Laboral

Labour Law

Previous consultancy, contracts, cautions and sanctions, suspensions of contracts with workers, dismissals, acts of conciliation, actions before the Work Inspectorate, collective conflicts, redundancies, proceedings before the labour and contentious-administrative courts.

Dret Concursal

Banckruptcy Law

Previous advice, economic and labour advice and comprehensive handling of bankruptcy proceedings.

Dret Mercantil i Societari

Business and Company Law

Contracts, reports, preventive advice, corporate operations, arbitral proceedings and all manner of proceedings before commercial courts.

Dret Tributari

Tax Law

Preventive tax advice, fiscal designs, economic-administrative claims, proceedings before the contentious-administrative courts.

Dret Penal

Criminal Law

In the criminal field, we study and analyze matters that may have criminal consequences, we assist those under arrest (in police station, court or prison), we act for the accused throughout proceedings and lodge the appropriate appeals before all legal instances.

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